Weather and Webcam at Konzerthaus (concert hall) at Freiburg - view to the Schönberg

Freiburg, Schönberg und Konzerthaus

On the horizon you can see the Schönberg, a mountain situated just outside the southern parts of Freiburg – here seen from the sixteenth floor of the Solar Tower. At 645 metres, Schönberg is the perfect destination if you want to go on a short excursion. The view of the city and the nearby Rhine plain is definitely worth the effort, and you can take a break in Schönberghof, a local gastropub. The western and southern slopes of Schönberg are used for wine-growing, while the rest of the mountain is made of pastures, meadows and woodland.

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The mountain’s name traces back to the Middle High German expression of “Schinberg” – “schin” meaning “to shine; visible from afar”. The Schönberg was one of the locations where the Battle of Freiburg took place, also called the Three Day Battle, during the Thirty Years’ War between France and Bavaria.   The area south of the train station (in the foreground) has changed considerably during the last two decades. The Konzerthaus (concert hall) on the left hand side was completed in 1996, while many of the other buildings were built even more recently, such as Wentzinger Hof, the beige building complex to the right of the tracks. Built in 2007, it houses a mix of office areas and restaurants.