Weather and Webcam: Stork’s Nest at Mundenhof Animal Park

The Mundenhof in Freiburg is the largest animal park of Baden-Württemberg. Our Webcam sends pictures from a stork´s nest placed on a large old fodder silo. 

One of Germany’s warmest cities, Freiburg attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. But humans are not the only species approving of the mild climate; more exotic animals, such as the meerkat, love it too! Originally these small animals, which are part of the mongoose family, could be found in South Africa, but some live at the Mundenhof animal park in the western outskirts of Freiburg, alongside alpacas, Boer goats and wild water buffalos.

Spanning 38 hectares of land, the Mundenhof is the largest animal park in the state of Baden-Württemberg, with many accessible enclosures, an Asian-style garden with twelve different varieties of bamboo, and a restaurant and beer garden. Overlooking the area from their nest, the stork family probably has the best lookout. Feel free to enjoy the same view, at any time of day, from your desk (we have installed a web cam right next to the storks!).

Text: Jan Schwab

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